Staff Profiles


Hello! I’m Donna!  And welcome to my wonderful and beautiful world! I have been grooming for longer than I can remember! My Mom said I was born with a dog! I love what I do with a passion and I really don’t consider it “work”. More like a form of art. I am a Certified Master Groomer, straight from the USA to the beautiful land down under. I have worked for some high profile people in the past, grooming their canine companions or educating people on the care and maintenance of their animals. My goal or mission if you like in life is to teach people how to care for their companions on many levels, culminating to an end result of a beautifully maintained and groomed friend. I’ve worked with many different animals over the many years of grooming, but I find dogs are so amazing and unconditional in their love and trust of their human counter part. I’ve bred and shown several different breeds over the years, most recently, Staffordshire Bull Terriers. I have retired from breeding now but currently enjoy the company of my 2 lhasa x malt, Tailor and Pawsliegh, my miniture Poodle, Oliver and the recent addition of our Red Collar Rescue Staffy cross, Bridie.

I moved to Australia in 1992 with my 2 sons, Sean and Ian, we set up an indoor temperature controlled boarding facility, grooming salon and a no kill shelter in Alice Springs. We have saved many animals in the 16 years we lived there. We moved to Brisbane in 2008 so we could expand our horizons. In 2009, along with my friend and client, Susie Thomson, we established Tailored Paws. I am humbled by the reception we have received from all of our clients and many have become wonderful and beautiful friends as well. My youngest son, Ian, continues to work with me as a bather/dryer while my oldest has reached new highs in becoming a carpenter and learning other trades! I’m a very proud Mother and very proud to be able to offer a service built on patience, love and understanding of a wonderful animal, the dog!